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Cards tab contains cards related information and functions. If you don’t have any cards yet then marketing materials about available card products are displayed.

Using link Show closed cards allows to view cards with status “Closed”.

On each card following information is presented:

  • Card type

    Card type Bank card
    Maestro / Mastercard Debit Debit card
    Mastercard Gold / Mastercard Credit / Mastercard Platinum / Finnair Plus MC / PINS MC / Stockmann MC Flexible card that combines the properties of both card with fixed and free repayments. You can choose a minimum repayment amount ranging from 10%-100%.
    MC Gold / MC Standard Credit card with a fixed repayment date.
    Topeltneto MasterCard Topeltneto credit card with a free repayment date.

  • Card number: 16-digit number of a card.
  • Card user: name of the card user as it is written on the actual card.
  • Status: current status of the card.

    Status Description
    Active Card can be used normally.
    Inactive Card cannot be used before it is activated. Activation is needed in case of a completely new or renewed card and can be done in a branch or with a first PIN-transaction in any ATM machine in Estonia. 
    Closed Card cannot be used because it was temporarily or permanently closed by bank or by customer.

  • Expiry date: format MM/YYYY
  • Available funds: money that can be used with the card. This amount doesn’t reflect any daily or monthly limits of the card.

    Card type Description of available funds
    Maestro / Mastercard Debit Amount on the customer’s current account to which this debit card is connected
    Mastercard Gold / Mastercard Credit / Mastercard Platinum / Finnair Plus MC / PINS MC / Stockmann MC Unused credit limit on the card account. The credit limit is not tied to the calendar month - it is a total limit. With each repayment you make, funds become available in that amount. When you have transferred funds to the card account, the available funds will consist of the unused portion of the credit limit plus the amount you transferred.
    MC Gold / MC Standard Amount of unused monthly credit.
    Topeltneto Amount on the customer’s card account to which this credit card is connected. Amount consists of credit limit accepted by the bank and customer’s own funds added to card’s account.

  • Currency: card currency in which all local and foreign transactions are presented on invoices and statements.
  • Details: link forwards you to a more detailed information of the card.

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