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E-invoice allows you to forgo invoices on paper and order repeat invoices to the online bank. E-invoice is faster and more convenient; in addition, it is secure because it cannot end up in the hands of a stranger.

You can view received e-invoices in the box „Nota Bene“ on the front page of the online bank. You can manage and pay your e-invoices by selecting the menu Payments -> E-invoice, where you can:

·         Order new e-invoices

·         View and print sent e-invoices

·         Archive e-invoices

·         Follow e- invoice payment status

·         Conclude a standing payment agreement

·         Pay an invoice or forgo payment of an invoice by standing payment.

E-invoice standing payment service

You can conclude an e-invoice standing order agreement at the bank for ordered e-invoices. Starting from the next e-invoice received at the bank, the bank will make an automatic transfer on the basis of the information noted on the e-invoice. You only need to make sure that your bank account has sufficient funds on the payment date.