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Domestic payment

A domestic payment is an EUR payment within Nordea Bank or to another Estonian bank.

Domestic payments can be effected as standard payments, urgent payments, payments within the Estonia Branch or also as direct debiting and standing payment orders.

Standard payment
Payments within Nordea Estonia
Urgent payment
Payment with future value date
New payment
Confirming the payment

Standard payment
A standard payment is a transfer to the beneficiary’s account at another Estonian bank.

  • All standard payments are effected to the beneficiary’s account on the same banking day if the payment order (either electronic or on hard copy) is received by the bank before 15.30;
  • All later payment orders will be effected on the next banking day.

Payments within Nordea Estonia
Transfers in euros or foreign currency between accounts located in Nordea Bank Estonia.

  • Payments made at bank offices, via the Telephone Bank or Netbank are transferred to the beneficiary’s account within half an hour, provided that the payment is effected between 8:00 and 19:30;
  • Payments effected after cutoff time are transferred to the beneficiary’s account on the next banking day. Payment orders that are initiated over the weekend will be executed immediately (in branch office or via Telephone Bank) or within half an hour (via Internet bank), but the funds will be available for receiver on next banking day (value date will be on Monday). NB! We recommend you to make the payment already on previous working day (Friday) in case the payment due date falls on weekend.

Urgent payment
A faster type of payment to an account held by the beneficiary at another Estonian bank.
Unlike standard payments, urgent payments are sent to the other bank using a settlement system in real time.

  • Urgent payments can be effected at a bank office in person and via the Nordea Internet bank and telephone bank every banking day until 17:00.
  • Service charges are higher for urgent payment.

Payment with a future value date
A payment order with a future value date allows you to send payment orders to the bank before the desired payment date.

  • Payments can be made through the Nordea Internet bank and in the bank office;
  • Under payment date, mark the appropriate date on which you would like the bank to execute the payment.
  • Future value date payments may be made up to 12 months in advance.

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New payment

Entering a new domestic payment
Confirming a payment

Making a new payment consists of two stages: entering the payment and confirming the payment.

Entering a new domestic payment
It is important to keep in mind that the payment form can only be filled in using Estonian characters. If illegal symbols such as Cyrillic characters are being used, the system will give an error message and it will not be possible to confirm the payment.

From account
Payer’s account. If there is more than one account, the desired account can be selected from a list. The default selection is the primary account you assigned at the bank. You can change the default account on your own as well by choosing: Settings -> Account settings. You can also change the nickname of the account using the Settings menu. The nickname will be displayed instead of the account number.
The available balance and currency is also provided in addition to the account number/nickname.

Domestic payments can also be made from foreign currency accounts. If the payment is to another Estonian bank, then select the euro as the currency when making a payment from a foreign currency account. If you are making a payment within Nordea Estonia, the payment can be made from the currency account in any currency. The conversion will take place on the basis of the exchange rate valid at the bank at that moment.

Payer's name
The account owner. The account owner may be different from the Netbank user, as each account owner has the right to authorize others to use his account in Netbank.

Beneficiary register
If the beneficiary has been saved in the beneficiary register, it can be found according to the nickname from the appropriate list. The advantage is that fields Beneficiary's account and Beneficiary's name are filled in automatically.

Beneficiary's nickname
A unique nickname for the beneficiary freely selected by you. It may be the same as the full beneficiary name. Maximum length is 30 characters.

Save beneficiary in register
If you are entering data for a beneficiary for the first time and plan to use the same individual in the future, check the corresponding box in order to save these data in the beneficiary register. The advantage of this is that fields Beneficiary's account and Beneficiary's name are filled automatically when you select the beneficiary from the list.

Beneficiary's account
It is verified whether the account number conforms to the standard and that the beneficiary and payer' accounts are not the same. When you choose the beneficiary from the register, the Beneficiary account will be filled in automatically. The field is compulsory.

Beneficiary name
When you choose the beneficiary from the list, the Beneficiary name will be filled in automatically.
Maximum length is 70 characters. The field is compulsory.

Either a comma or full stop can be entered as the decimal point. A whole figure is entered as whole number. The field is compulsory.
Keep in mind that payments can only be executed within your daily limit. If the daily payment limit is exceeded, the system will display an error message, "Account daily limit exceeded." Information on the daily limit can be accessed and changed only at a bank office or service outlet.

Domestic payments to other Estonian banks can be made only in euros. Within Nordea, domestic payments can be made in other currencies as well, both between accounts held by the same person and to different beneficiaries. The currency can be chosen from a list. The field is compulsory.

Payment date
The default payment date is the today's date. The field is compulsory.
If you wish to change the payment date, enter it in one of the following formats: 


The payment date must be a banking day. If you enter a holiday as the payment date, then after the payment is effected, the payment date will be changed to the next banking day.

A future date can also be set as the payment date. In this case, the term may not be more than 12 months distant.

Payment details
Maximum length is 210 characters. Allowed symbols are: . , ! # % ( ) + ? - : ; ' $ @ * and &. It is compulsory to enter either a reference number or payment details.

Reference number
It is verified whether the number conforms to the standard for reference numbers. The number must be one long series of numbers with no spaces. It is compulsory to enter either a reference number or payment details. Maximum length is 20 characters.

Payment number
Entering a payment number is optional.

Payment type
Choice between standard and urgent payments. An urgent payment is an expedited payment to the holder of an account at an Estonian bank. Urgent payments cannot be made within the Nordea. Urgent payments have a higher service charge than standard payments

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Confirming the payment

After you enter the payment, it must also be confirmed. You can confirm payments one at a time or several at once.

When you have finished entering the payment, press Continue, which will bring up a page with a list of payments with unconfirmed status. Each payment can be opened, modified or deleted. The default is that all unconfirmed payments are selected and are ready for confirmation. To deselect, remove the checkmark from the corresponding box. To confirm, press Confirm and enter the code from your code card as prompted or PIN2 in case you are logged in with an ID card.

  • You can also confirm payments by going to the Start page and clicking on the link Unconfirmed payments: nr;
  • You will also be reminded of unconfirmed payments whenever you log out of the system;

Since payments are not processed immediately, your balance will not change immediately either. Confirmed payments are transferred to the Due list of payments.

If you do not confirm the payments with the required code (PIN2 in case of ID card), the payments will not be processed.