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Beneficiary register

The information for beneficiaries can be saved in the beneficiary's register either directly or upon filling in the payment form, by checking the box marked Save beneficiary in register.

Beneficiaries are grouped into cross-border payments and domestic payments categories.
The following information is displayed for each beneficiary: type (domestic or cross-border payment), nickname, name, account number.  A maximum of 20 beneficiaries per page will be shown.

To add a new domestic or cross-border beneficiary, respectively, click the link marked New domestic beneficiary or New cross-border beneficiary. The form should be filled in the same manner as entering a domestic payment or cross-border payment.

You can start a new payment by pressing on the link Pay. A payment form will appear. Some of the fields will have already been filled in based on the data saved in the register. You will have to check the data for accuracy, add the payment amount, currency, and if necessary, payment details or reference number, and confirm the payment.

The information for each beneficiary can be edited or deleted.
To edit information, you will need to click on the Edit link on the same row as the beneficiary. This will bring up a form, where the corresponding changes can be made. To save the changes, press Save, and to cancel, Cancel.

To delete, click the link marked Delete, on the same row as the beneficiary. This will bring up a form with the information on the beneficiary. To delete, use the Delete button, and to cancel, Cancel.