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Account information

This page gives you an overview of accounts.

The following information is displayed for each account: account number or nickname, currency, balance, available funds, reserved amounts, date of last transaction.

This column displays the account number or nickname. The latter can be set in Settings - Account settings. Clicking on the account number will bring up a detailed description displaying the nickname of account, account number, account number in IBAN format, account owner, interest rate, currency, balance, available funds, credit limit and reserved amounts.

This column shows the account currency.

An amount consists both of your own funds as well as unused credit and from which reserved amounts have not been deducted. Clicking on the amount will open the account statement options. Here you can choose the statement period, form (short or full) and for short statements, the type of transaction (incoming, outgoing or all transactions).

Funds available
Funds available to be used, consisting of your own account balance as well as unused credit.

Amounts not yet debited from the account. Clicking on the link will bring up a more detailed description of each reservation: date, amount and details. You will also find a few debit card transactions.

Last transaction
Last transaction date on the account.