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The Loans page will provide a list of all of your loans.

Loan information
Loan calculators

Loan information
The following information is displayed for each loan: contract number, loan currency, loan balance, amount of the next repayment and repayment date. Clicking on the agreement number will bring up the following information about your loan:

Loan common information section contains:

  • loan balance and currency;
  • name of base rate, margin and total interest value;
  • payment account;
  • end of interest period and loan's maturity date;
  • pressing the link Loan repayment schedule will bring up a corresponding table of loan repayments.

Loan parties section contains full names of loan borrowers.

Repayment details section contains:

  • date of the next instalment and instalment amount;
  • date of the next interest payment and interest amount;
  • date of the charge payment and charge amount;
  • date of the next payment and total amount of the next payment.

Past due payment section contains:

  • instalment amount, interest amount, default interest amount, charges and total amount of payment.

Loan calculators
You can use the loan calculator to familiarize yourself with the loan repayment schedule for the selected loan period. Keep in mind that the payment schedule as calculated may vary from the actual schedule depending on interest rate fluctuations.

You have a choice between two loan calculators:

  • Standard loan calculator;
  • Steady repayment home loan calculator.

Click on the loan calculator link – this will bring up a form where you can fill in the loan amount, period and loan interest rate. When all of the fields are filled in, press Calculate and the loan schedule will be displayed. To print the loan schedule, press Print.

The home loan with fixed monthly payment works exactly as it sounds. If the interest rate goes up, only the repayment period will increase. The monthly payment will remain the same. Use the steady repayment home loan calculator to preview how your payment schedule will change if interest rates change. Based on your monthly net income, you can calculate how large your maximum monthly loan payment will be.