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Here you can change your Front page settings, account settings, contact information.

Front page settings
Account settings
Contact information

Front page settings
Here you can change the appearance of your Front page. Click the Up/Down links to change the location of the Accounts, Loans, Savings, Leasing and Cards sections.
Click the link Show/Hide to specify whether corresponding sections are shown or hidden when you enter the Front page.

Click Restore defaults to cancel your changes and revert to the original default settings for the Front page. All of the sections will be shown by default in  unfolded form and listed in the following order: Accounts, Savings, Loans, Leasing and Cards.

Account settings
The following information is displayed for each account: a note indicationg whether a given account is a default account or not, account number, account number in IBAN format, currency and account's nickname.
The nickname is freely assigned by you. It is displayed on the Front page or list of accounts instead of the account number.
The default account is the account that is listed first in the list of accounts when you make a payment.

Customer data
We ask you to review your contacts, citizenship, country of birth and the country you pay taxes in. Aside from personal information, we are interested in your place of employment, financial status, origin of funds received etc. We also need to find out whether you or a family member or a person close to you is a PEP – politically exposed person, whose role in society brings heightened attention. Also you can specify which language you wish to use in communications with the bank, such as receiving account statements, and promotional materials All your data is confidential.

Contact information
Here you can change your contact information.
You can only change your personal contact information at the bank office after identifying yourself with corresponding documents. Personal data include name, personal identification code and document number.

We recommend that you renew contact information regularly since the bank requires correct data in order to deliver to you account statements. Contact data comprises residence address, phone numbers and e-mail.

If the address where you want account statements to be sent is other than your primary address, fill in the section Account statement address. By default, statements will be sent to the primary address.

Nordea Codes app / code calculator ordering
If you are using a smartphone or a tablet we offer for you to use new Nordea Codes application. This new application provides following advantages when comparing to currently used code cards or code calculators. More user-friendly

  • No more code cards or additional devices to be carried with yourself.
  • Your mobile phone is always with you. Nordea Codes application is with you as well.
  • Easy to use.
  • All you need is to remember the 4-digit PIN code.

Improved security
  • Strong authentication and signing.
  • Cannot be copied to another device.
  • Strongly Encrypted.

Please notice that new solution is free for our customers! For customers who have no smart devices we offer Nordea code calculator. Please see the price list.

My Codes applications / code calculators
On this page you can find all Nordea Codes applications and code calculators, which are assigned to you and can be used with you Customer ID. Using provided functions, You can also manage your Nordea Codes applications and code calculators - lock/unlock your Nordea Codes applications and code calculators, delete application profiles for unused devices.